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Project Descriptions

Below are the descriptions of projects to be worked on this year. Each project will be worked on as a team effort with the end goal of producing a fully tested and packaged release of the system. The teams will have three terms to complete this work.

Each system created must involve:

  • At least one component implemented in C/C++/Objective C.
  • A functional graphical user interface.
  • A persistence layer created from an enterprise level database (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, etc.). 
Formula 1   SAE Formula 1 Real-Time Telemetry HUD

Every year the SAE Formula Car competes on a national level. Last year, the formula 1 car was instrumentiedwith a data acquisition and telemetry system to allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of data acquired from the operating vehicle. This year, the data acquisition system will be augmented with a heads up display allowing the driver to wear a pair of glasses for display of critical vehicle informatoipn. This project will involve:

  • Interfacing with an exsiting Arduino/Raspberry-Pi platform for real-time data acqiuisition.
  • Development of Heads Up Display technology such as Google Glass or Recon Jet.
  • Network specification and programming for data transmission.
  • Web based data storage and presentation.
  • Formula race car interfacing.
  • System deployment and monitoring at SAE Formula competition.
ODB II Adapter
  ODBII Interface System

An ODBII prot is a diagnostic port standard in vehicles allowing interface to a vehcles engine control unit. This project involves the development of a system to read data from a vehicles ODBII port and send the data to an iPod, Android or other touch technology based device (smart phone form factor or tablet). The end goal is to allow a driver to use their standard device to display information about their vehicle performance in real-time. Vehicle data will also be archived and made available for off-line analysis. This project will involve:

  • Specification and C/C++ programming of a simple Arduino open source architecture  platform.
  • Real-time data tranmission and data display.
  • Off-line data storage specification and programming for data transmission.
  • Web based data storage and presentation.
  • Development of an "app" that may be deployable in an app markeplace.
Traffic Intersection
  Traffic Count System

Last year, a team of students developed a system on the Nexus 7 to be used by civil engineers for traffic monitoring. This year, the Nexus 7 system will be modified to handle diaplay of real-tiem video and to do classification counts. This will include both manual count and image processing to produce an automated count and vehicle recogntion system. This project will involve:

  • Work with Nexus 7 and Android development.
  • Video processing for display of video related to traffic flow.
  • Image processing for recognition of automobiles in a video stream.
Oil Refinery
  VOCProfiling System

Voaltile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted by several different sources. A typical source of such compound would be an oil and gas refinery. Refineries such as this are typically located in areas where surrounding housing is low income.

People who live in these areas typically do not have any idea of the levels of harmful VOCs in the air they are breating. Independent community based monitring of VOCs around a refinery is normally out of reach to local residents due to cost and technology. This forces these populations to be dependent on the work force and technology of the very corporations emitting the VOCs in the forst place.

The goal of this project is to develop a low cost VOC monitoring system that can be easily deployed for use by community groups for independent moniforing of air quality around one of these refineriies. This will project require:

  • Spedification of a low cost VOC monitoring system for independent deployment.
  • Specifying and Interfacing a smart phone  or tablet based devices for acquisiton of the gatherd data.
  • Programming of data analysis tools for use by minitoring agents and community members for early VOC output warning.
Quad Copter
  Remotely Piloted UAV

UAV systems are and up and comming personal technology. The primary goal of this project is to remotely pilot a quad copter from a computer screen. The initial goal is to build a quad copter that is capable of self flight, then slowly modify the platform to produce increasing user control, eventually allowing full control and a live vieo screen on a remote computer. This project will involve:

  • Specification and construction of a quad copter capable of autonoous flight and eventually video feed transfer.
  • Programming of client side systems for real-time image processing and real-time vehicle control.
    UAV Traffic Monitor
      UAVTraffic Monitoring System

    The Civil Engineering department has interest in looking at traffic behavior from an ariel view. This will be done from a quad-copter platform (see above) where the vehcle will hover over an intersection and record video for upload to a comuter system for post-processing (by the traffic count system????). This project will require:

    • Specification and construction of a quad copter capable of autonoous flight.
    • Interfacing of the quad copter system with a GPS unit for intersection trageting.
    • Working with a mapping API (google maps) to set up a vehicle flight mission.
    • Logging and management of video recording sessions to use by civil engineers for traffic analysis.
    large product photo   Student Defined Projects

    Individual students are welcome to specify their own projects. The projects must conform to project standards set up for the course. To get a project accepted as an official Junior Project project, by the end of the first week, the students must have:

    • Written up the project and submitted it to the instructor. The submitting student must then set up a meeting with the instructor to discuss the project further.
    • Present the project to the class so all students in the course can understand what the project will encompass. This must muster enough interest in the project for assembling of a proper project team.
    • Commitment of a project sponsor to help with requirements, UI, and test definitions. The sponsor must be an individual or group of individuals with professional level interest in the project (e.g. this cannot just be a group of friends that think the project is cool).

    New Projects cannot be defined after the first week of the term.