Junior Project Sequence  
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Rules and Regulations
  1. You will work as a team on the project you have chosen or been assigned.

    1. You will attend all scheudled presentations. A scheduled presentation is one that has been added to the calendar at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event or has been specifically announced in lecture. Failure to show up for one of these presentations without prior excuse will result in one grade point reduction for that quarter.

    2. You will attend and participate in all presentations given by your team unless you have prior permission from the instructor and your fellow team members to miss the presentation. Failure to attend a presentation will result in the individual not attending the presentation receiving an "F" in the course.

    3. You will play an active role in all presentations given by your team. Failure to participate in a presentation will result in an "F" in your final grade for the course.

    4. During presentations, you will behave in a professional manner. Failure to do so in any presentation will result in the deduction of 0.5 grade points from your overall personal grade.

    5. You will actively participate in the entire 3 quarter project. Your personal grade can be adversely impacted by both negative reports by your fellow team members and negative observations by the instructor.

  2. Consider your team as a company you are working for during this 3-term sequence.

    1. You will have or be a team leader. This is the main project lead for the three term sequence. This person is in charge of keeping the project running smoothly, making sure all deliverables are completed on-time, and making sure work load is adequately distributed among the team members.

    2. At any point in time during the three term sequence, the team can demote the team lead by a unanimous vote (with the exception of the team lead). Demotion of a team lead will result in a 1 grade point deduction for the team lead personal grade.

    3. At any point in time during first two terms (CST 316/CST 326), the team lead can "fire" a member of the team. Before the team lead can fire a team member, the entire team must go into mediation. The mediation sessions will be run by Kevin Brown in the communications department. If a team goes into mediation and mediation fails, the entire team will have a .5 point reduction in their grade. If a team goes into mediation and the mediation succeeds, there will be no deduction of points. Mediation compensation will be negitoated by the party perfroming the mediation and the involved team.  This results of this negotiation must be formally reported to the course instructor and signed off.

    4. A team can only be fired if the mediator agrees this is the only course of action. If a team member is fired:
      1. The fired individual will be placed in an active labor pool for the class. They must produce a good resume and present themselves to any JP section for possible re-hire in a group interview format.

      2. If they get hired by another team, they will take a 1 grade point deduction in their grade.

      3. If they do not get hired by another team in the a JP course section, they will receive an "F" in the course and must repeat the course the following year.

  3. Any inappropriate language or reference in your deliverables or your team web site will be handled as follows:

    1. The instructor will present your team with a research project that you must complete and present to class.

    2. If your choose to do the research project (as a team) and the instructor accepts the results of your research as adequate, the violation will be excused.

    3. If your choose not to do the research project, or if the instructor deems the results of your research to be inadequate, your team will take a 1 point deduction in grade point for your team grade.