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The first part of the term you will be on a team with sole purpose of creating one of the systems described in the Project Descriptions. As a team, you can choose any of the projects to work on. You are to tap into any resource available to create an initial version of the system. When a working prototype is ready, your team will present what you have completed to the class. Your results will be judged on:

  1. Creativity
  2. Completeness
  3. Functionality
  4. Understanding of the problem
  5. Error-free operation

Teams will retain ability to work on a project dependent on a First Come/First Serve basis and the level of understanding demonstrated during the prototype presentation. If two teams wish to work on the same project, dependent on resources, the first team to demonstrate a good working prototype will gain the right to work on the chosen project. Teams presenting within a day of eachother will be evaluated based on prototype completeness, problem understanding, and solution creativity, originality.

Any student wishing to propose a project must present the project to the class during the first week on the quarter. Proposed projects must include a UI, network based connectivity, and database persistence. Projects must involve a C, C++, or Objective C component.

Tasks Groups
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Novice Coder

Design Tasks

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Requirements Engineer