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Task Groupings
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Task groups are agggregations of tasks applicable to specific stages of software development. Although software development requires good parallel and iterative task execution, tasks gropus will naturally be completed in certain sequences. As a team moves forward in the software development lifecycle, they will be presented with more tasks related to the project on which they are working. Each task relates to a different part of software development and engineering. A team must gain a specific level task completion in order to obtain the ability to move on to tasks in the subsequent task group.

Teams will submit task artifacts to the instructor for comments and feedback. It is up to teams and individuals to build up a portfolio of task artifacts for support of mid-term and term end evaluation. When a team sucessfully complets a task level, then and only then will the team be able to have the next task group artifacts submitted for comment.

Task groupings will be completed in the fillowing sequence:

  1. Novice Coder Tasks and Early Design Specific Tasks
  2. Requirements Engineer Tasks
  3. Systems Analysst Tasks
  4. Software Designer Tasks
  5. Software Architecht Tasks
  6. Software Engineer Tasks
Term Schedule:
  • Fall Term - Novice Coder, Early Design, and Requirements Engineer Tasks. To move on to Winter term and receive a Fall Term letter grade, all these tasks must have been completed.
  • Winter Term - Systems Analyist and Software Designer tasks. To move on to Spring term and receive a Winter Term letter grade, alll these tasks must be completed.
  • Spring Term - Software Architecht and Software Engineer Tasks. To receive a letter grade for Spring Term, all these tasks must be completed.