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Software Designer

Requirements to Use Case Map:

Create a spreadsheet that shows how the requirements map to the different use cases in your system. This information should be directly reflected in your use case specifications.

Use Case Model with Sequence Diagrams:

For each use case in your system, develop complete sequence diagrams. You should have one sequence diagram for each scenario in all use cases.

CRUD Matrix:

Build a matrix that shows the mapping of your use cases to the classes in your system. C - Create, R - Retrieve, U - Update, D - Delete. The relationships will directly correspond to the activity defined in the sequence diagrams.

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Refined Class Model:

From your sequence diagrams, derive classes and class relationships. Model these classes and relationships in your logical models contained within your architectural packages.These class models should contain:

  • One layer of class relationship indirection outside the current package.
  • For each class:
    • Class Documentation
    • Method Definitions
      • Method Signatures
        • Parameter name and type
        • Return type
      • Documentation
    • Attribute Definition
      • type
      • Documentation
  • Class Relationships:
    • Aggregation/Composition
    • Transient Relationships
    • Inheritance
    • Cardinality


Business Case Challenge:

In this challenge, you will be going up against the "VC Business Case Troll", Mark Ahalt. You will need to construct your business case in a way that you convince the VC Troll that he should invest in your project.....rather than eat you.

Your business case needs to present:

  • Clear need for the system.
  • Analysis of the current market space.
  • Cost analysis of your system.
  • Benefits of your system over competitors.
  • Business Plan.
  • Anything else the troll deems necessary.

The business case troll will ensure that your system wil be vialbe from a business and marketing standpoint.

Business trolls are greedy critters. Perhaps he would like more??? Maybe he can be bribed??? Trolls are not to be trusted.

Before approaching the VC Troll with your business plan on how you are going to change the world, please accomplish the following tasks:

Prepare to Pitch the VC Troll in less than 20 minutes following the format and suggestions of Guy Kawasaki on this You tube:

Watch this presentation on VC pitches from David Rose:

Oregon Tech Shark Tank Rules

Oregon Tech Shark Tank Rubric

Scheduling Details:

The shark tank will be on Tuesday, March 4 from 4:00 - 8:00. See Shark Tank Rules for specification on presentation length and format.





Architectural Prototype Presentation:

The architectural prototype is an incarnation of your system in which all tools and technologies have been integrated into unified operation. Target your presentation at ~50 minutes.

  • Every Team Member Must Participate
  • Project Description
    • Who - Who is the project for
      • Describe these people
      • What do they have to gain from your project
      • Benefits for you as a team
    • What - What is the system you are building
      • Give a "bird's eye view" of your system
      • Present reference material
        • Current literature
        • Systems like yours currently operational.
        • What is it that you will be doing differently/adding.
    • Where - Where will your system be deployed
      • Photos of physical areas
      • Describe the environment
        • Physical characteristics
        • Technical characteristics of the environment
        • Other??
    • Why - Why is your system being built.
      • What is it your end customer seeks.
        • Features
        • Non Functional Items
        • Functional Decomposition
      • What is the main problem you will be solving
    • How - Tools/Technologies/Process
      • Technical Environment for system creation
      • Tool kits you will be using
      • Hardware/Software
  • Demo of your system - This demo is intended to prove that the technologies you have chosen will indeed solve the problem you are workin on. This demonstration must deomonstrate a horizontal "slice" through your system.

Evaluation Criteria

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Bi-Weekly Status Reports:

Each status report must contain:

  • Tasks performed during the previous week.
  • Problems encountered..
  • Proposed problem solutions.
  • Tasks scheduled for the next week along with responsible parties.

Bi-Weekly Gantt Chart Update:

Each time you submit a status report, submit an updated Gantt chart to reflect your new time line based on the work that has been completed. Begin this submission after you have created an initial Gantt chart.

Technology Demonstration:

Research some technology required of your project. Demonstrate how the technology works by building a small prototype and showing it. Specifically describe how the technology will be used in your project and demonstrate this use.

Anything else you would like to do.......just ask!