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Junior Project II  
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Late Policy for Spring quarter:

  • Students late for a any scheduled presentation will receive a .25 grade point deduction in their final grade for each instance.
  • Students late for a Design Review, Code Review, Alpha Release, Beta Release or Final Presentation will receive a .5 grade point deduction in their final grade for each instance.
  • No questions will be asked.
  • Valid excuses must be discussed with the instructor.
Peer Review for Spring Term:
June 9 is the last day to post peer reviews for Spring term.

Peer Review Document Here

Fill this out for each team member. Upload this document to the balckboard site.

Necessary Task Sequencing:

  1. Design Review
  2. Component Test Scripts
  3. Alpha Release
  4. Alpha Testing
  5. Beta Demonstration
  6. Beta Release
  7. Beta Testing
  8. Code Review
  9. Final Release
  10. Final Presentation
Delivarable Artifact List:
  1. Refined Use Case, Sequence Diagrams, Class Model
  2. Component Model
  3. Design Review Release
  4. Componet Test Specifications
  5. Alpha Release
  6. Alpha Release Test Report
  7. Beta Release
  8. Beta Release Test Report
  9. Code Review Release
  10. Software Requirements Specification
  11. Final Release

Due Monday Morning 04/07/2014:

Gantt chart update with Assigned task milestones:

For each task assigned this quarter, set a milestone that will determine when the task will be completed for feedback.

Milestone sequencing must take into account task precedence discussed in lecture.

Completion dates must be realistic.

Tasks must be distributed throughout the quarter. Dead week with all tasks set as completion milestones is not acceptable.

This will be the schedule your team will be held to for the reminder of the quarter. Adjustments will be accepted with a new gantt chart reflecting the modified schedule and the consent of the instructor.