Oregon Institute of Technology

CST 352 - Operating Systems

Quarter Project


The single board computers we will be using are based on the Pic32 CPU. All of these boards are delivered in a "bare bones" configuration. You will also work with an existing example kernel called FreeRTOS. Your lab assignment for the quarter is to build a preemptive multitasking kernel for the single board computer you have been assigned based on low level software constructs provided.

Due to resource constraints (e.g. a limited number of single board computers), you will work in pairs. Each pair will be assigned a single board computer developers kit. This kit will be the pairs responsibility for the quarter. You will be in charge of building the kernel and proving it's viability as your quarter project.

This project is a research project! You will be required to obtain reference, tools, code samples, and implementation samples, as a team. Each phase of the project will require a demonstration to the instructor. Demonstrations will be done in lab and must be clear and concise. Demonstrations that do not work will be passed over. You can demonstrate any part of your project any number of times without penalty; however, you can only demonstrate one piece during any given week. Keep in mind, you have 7 demonstrations to give and 10 weeks to complete the kernel. If you have not done a demonstration by week 3, you are behind and will not be able to get 100% in your project.

Team constraints

Each team will be provided:

The SBCs will be given out to teams during the first lab period.