Oregon Institute of Technology

CST 407 - Multiprocessing

Quarter Project



The quarter project for the Parallel Programming will involve the implementation of some problem solution on the computing cluster created in lab. The goal to to find a problem that can be solved with compute cluster technology then implement the soluton. During the last two weeks of the quarter, you will present your findings to the class and demonstrate what you have done. Make sure your cover:

  1. Problem Definition - What is it that is being progrmmed?
  2. Solution Description
  3. Demonstration of the working system
    1. Code walk-through
    2. Demonstration of running system
    3. Description of end results

By Monday of the thrid week, submit a one page proposal containing:

  1. Problem motivation and description.
  2. Proposed technologies to be researched and applied.
  3. Expected outcome.
  4. Reference list.

The proposal must be submitted in digital form and must be done in a word processor.