Oregon Institute of Technology

CST 407 - Multiprocessing

Lecture Assignment



During the quarter, you will research and present some aspect of parallel or distributed programming. The topic must be relevant to the current state of parallel/multi core/distributed computing. The presentation/lecture will provide the following elements:

  1. Must be at least 25 minutes in length.
  2. Must have supporting presentation elements/slides.
  3. Must have a demonstration portion.

When the presentation is complete, all digital artifacts that supported the lecture will be zipped up in an archive and sent to the instructor via email.

The presentation must be scheduled with the instructor at least two days in advance.

By Monday of the second week, submit a one page proposal containing:

  1. Lecture topic motivation and description.
  2. Proposed technologies to be researched and applied.
  3. Description of demonstration portion.
  4. Reference list.

The proposal must be submitted in digital form and must be done in a word processor.