CST 415 - Computer Networks

Exam #1 Review Outline

Closed Book, Closed Notes, Open RFC/STD

1.      Intro Topics

a.       Network Definition

b.      Protocol Definition

c.       Internet Application Level Services

d.      Network Protocol Standardization Process

2.      Underlying Technologies

a.       Connection Oriented/Connectionless

b.      LAN vs. WAN

c.       Ethernet

                                                        i.            CSMA/CD

                                                      ii.            Frame Format

                                                    iii.            Thicknet/Thinnet/Twisted Pair/FastNet

                                                    iv.            Limitations and Extensions

                                                    v.            ATM

3.      Protocol Layering

a.       Services vs. Protocol

i. Connection Oriented Service Primitives

ii. Connectionless Service Primitives

iii. Protocol to Service mapping

b.      ISO OSI Reference Model

c.       TCP/IP mapping to the Reference model

4.      Internetworking Architecture

a.       Internetworking Problems

b.      Message transmission through a heterogeneous network

c.       IP addresses and address classes

                                                        i.            Dot notation

                                                      ii.            Address meaning

                                                      iii.         Routing utilization

d.      The Endians

5.      ARP

a.       Problem Definition

b.      Address Binding

c.       ARP Poisoning